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Edward Albee

Toby Zinman
A theater-lover's guide to the dramatic works of one of America's most  important living playwrights


Edward Albee is without doubt one of the giants of American theater, in the same pantheon with Arthur Miller, Eugene O'Neill, and Tennessee Williams. His prolific career includes three Pulitzer Prizes and the 2005 Lifetime Achievement Tony Award.

At the age of eighty, Albee is still producing major works for the theater—most recently a prequel to The Zoo Story, which shocked the country when it first appeared in 1958—and his plays have seen major revivals on and off Broadway in recent years. Yet even with this resurgence of popularity, no up-to-date treatment of his plays is currently in print.

With engaging discussions of his most famous plays, such as Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Three Tall Women, as well as his lesser known works, this essential guide reveals the heart of Albee's drama, highlighting the themes of sex, death, loneliness, and time that have occupied the playwright during his almost fifty years in the theater.

Cover photo: Edward Albee, 2002, by Gen Hasagawa

Toby Zinman is the theater critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer. She has written for numerous publications, including Variety, American Theater, and Theatre Journal. She is Professor of English at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

Praise / Awards

  • "Zinman's most important contribution is her sustained effort to remain as true as possible to the playwright's concerns and voice by weaving parallels between scripts and published interviews and talks. Her respect for Albee's achievements as a dramatist is beautifully complemented by her fascination with the persona that Albee has chosen to reveal publicly. ... Recommended."

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