Refugee Students (Kindle Single)

What Every ESL Teacher Needs to Know
Jeffra Flaitz


"Your understanding of what makes a refugee a unique kind of learner serves you and your students in the same way that athletes benefit from a coach who not only knows the game, the playbook, the field conditions, the opposing team's record, the weather, and so on, but also the attributes of each player, including what motivates, frustrates, or challenges them, which skills need attention, and how to harness their intelligence and physical talent." --Jeffra Flaitz

In this e-single, Flaitz, author of Understanding Your International Students and Understanding Your Refugee and Immigrant Students, provides a research- and fact-based approach to address some of the core principles surrounding  refugees in today’s U.S. educational system.  The principles discussed are:
  1. There are many different categories of immigrants.
  2. Refugees are diverse.
  3. Refugee ESL students are different from other ESL students.
  4. Refugees are battered but not broken.
  5. Refugee students are at risk.
The importance of each principle is discussed and is followed by a list of what educators can do.

The short ebook offers a compassionate yet practical guide for anyone who wants to better understand  their refugee students: Where are they coming from and why have they fled their homes? What kind of support do they receive? What assets do they bring with them? What strengths have they developed as a result of their journey?

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