Dollar, Dove, and Eagle

One Hundred Years of Palestinian Migration to Honduras
Nancie L. Gonzalez
Examination of the dynamics of the Palestinian diaspora in Honduras


Palestinians in Honduras? Yes, since the nineteenth century, and doing very well, indeed. Dollar, Dove, and Eagle, the first full-length description of Palestinian immigration to Latin America, is based on historical and ethnographic research in Honduras, Israel, and the West Bank. Tracing one long-standing Palestinian migratory stream from Bethlehem and its environs, Nancie González describes the conditions in Bethlehem that initially precipitated the Palestinian exodus as well as the Honduran setting in which the Palestinians found themselves. Their successful economic integration into their host country is sharply contrasted with their sociocultural separateness. Complete acculturation has been frustrated by the continuing migrant stream from the West Bank. made up of individuals increasingly adamant about retaining their Palestinian identity.

Drawing extensively on the work of a spectrum of disciplines embracing history, sociology, political science, and business management, Dollar, Dove, and Eagle effectively broadens our knowledge of both the Middle East and Latin America. It is essential reading for those interested in Middle Eastern studies, ethnicity, migration, and economic development.

Praise / Awards

  • "The study contributes to ethnography of migration, to Middle East Studies as well as Latin American Studies. But it also liberates the anthropology academy from exclusion in contemporary Palestinian studies. And when it focuses research on Palestinians, it also liberates Palestinian ethnography, and hence the people, from Israel's hold. Simple and significant."
    Middle East Studies Association Bulletin

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