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Videos to Accompany Academic Interactions

Communicating on Campus
Christine B. Feak, Susan M. Reinhart, Theresa N. Rohlck


The videos on this site are designed to be used with the textbook (9780472033423 or 9780472124770). The book must purchased separately at or via another retailer). Video access is only available through the online VitalSource platform at

The ability to understand and be understood when communicating with professors and with native speakers is crucial to academic success. The Academic Interactions videos focus on actual academic speaking events, particularly classroom interactions and office hours, and give students practice improving the ways that they communicate in a college/university setting.

The Academic Interactions textbook addresses skills like using names and names of locations correctly on campus, giving directions, understanding instructors and their expectations, interacting during office hours, participating in class and in seminars, and delivering formal and informal presentations. In addition, advice is provided for communicating via email with professors and working in groups with native speakers (including negotiating tasks in groups).

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