Mike Cormack
Highly accessible introduction to the concept of ideology through the cultural products of our times


Ideology gives a brief theoretical overview of the subject, followed by a series of case studies showing how the concept may be used in the analysis of cultural phenomena. The opening chapters concentrate on defining ideology and related ideas such as interpellation and subject formation and outline a general method for ideological analysis of text, context, and audience (whatever the medium or cultural product under examination).

The rest of the book consists of analysis of a range of cultural products, drawn from journalism, television, film, and fiction. These are deliberately chosen for their international currency and include the selling of America through tourist brochures; coverage of the opening of the Berlin Wall; a television talk show; the film Raging Bull; John Fowles's novel A Maggot; and coverage of the British Open Golf Championship.

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Preface     7

1. Defining ideology
Althusser --- The articulated definition --- The functions of ideology --- Gramsci and hegemony     9

2. Processes and effects
Subjectivity --- Ideological effects --- Discursive ideologies and decentred subjects --- The epistemological status of ideology     17

3. Methods of analysis
Content --- Structure --- Absence --- Style --- Mode of address     26

4. Advertising America
The greatest natural wonders --- Myth and history --- The most exciting cities in the world --- Structure, absence and address     36

5. Opening the wall
The Berlin Wall --- The pattern of coverage --- The historical approach --- The personal approach --- Positioning the reader     45

6. Narrating the championship
The event --- The narrativization process --- The newspaper commentary --- The television commentary     56

7. Chatting to the nation
Wogan --- Choosing guests and asking questions --- The voyeuristic agenda --- Coming to you live     66

8. Decentred biography
Raging Bull --- A structure of absences --- Violence, masculinity and women --- The significations of style --- A fragmented address     77

9. Fictional history
A Maggot --- The telling of the tale --- The reality of history --- Contextualizing the author     88

Conclusion     98

References     99
Selected annotated bibliography     104
Index     107

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