A Question of Voice

Philosophy and the Search for Legitimacy
Ron Scapp
Foreword by Edward S. Casey
Philosophy in an age of multiculturalism


A Question of Voice: Philosophy and the Search for Legitimacy offers an explicit and comprehensive consideration of voice as a complex of rethinking aspects of the history of philosophy through issues of power, as well as contemporary issues that include and involve the desire for and the dynamics of legitimacy, for individuals and communities. By identifying voice as a significant theme and means by which and through which we might better engage some important philosophical questions, Ron Scapp hopes to expand traditional philosophical discussion and discourse regarding questions about validity, legitimacy, empathy, and solidarity. He offers an innovative perspective that is informed and guided by multiculturalism, ethnic studies, queer studies, feminism, and thinkers and critics such as bell hooks, Barbara Christian, Angela Davis, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, among others. A Question of Voice is an American investigation, but also suggests questions that emanate from contemporary continental thought as well as issues that arise from transnational perspectives—an approach that is motived by doing philosophy in an age of multiculturalism.
Ron Scapp is Professor of Humanities and Teacher Education at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

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  • Winner of the 2021 “Outstanding Book Award” from the Association for Ethnic Studies (AES)

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  • Voice; legitimacy; homogeneity; other; otherness; community; ability; dis-ability; difference; Plato; Nietzsche; Derrida; Richard Rorty; bell hooks; solidarity; coming to voice; empathy; validity; individual; power; identity; ethnicity