Academic Word Lists

What Every Teacher Needs to Know
Keith S. Folse


In this e-single, Keith Folse, author of Vocabulary Myths (2004), explains how various lists like the Academic Word List (AWL) have become popular in the ESL classroom. He also addresses how Coxhead’s AWL attained its dominant status.
Following a discussion on the importance of teaching vocabulary, Folse addresses these questions:
  • Why are word lists useful in language learning?
  • How serious is our learners’ lexical gap?
  • Which words are on the AWL?
  • How were the word families of the AWL selected?
  • What should teachers know about other word lists?
  • How should students use vocabulary notebooks
  • Where do we go from here regarding the use of word lists in the classroom?
 The book also includes 10 suggestions for using academic word lists.

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