Drama in the Language Classroom

What Every ESL Teacher Needs to Know
Carmela Romano Gillette and Deric McNish


"Our particular approach is built on the belief that using elements of drama and the performing arts in the language classroom works best when it builds on concepts of language development that have been tested and supported. As language scholars, we know that honoring students’ identities is important; that investment in the learning process must be nurtured; that learners respond to material that is engaging, relevant, and authentic; that learners must use the language and not just study it; and that affective factors can sometimes impede learning."
---Carmela Romano Gillette & Deric McNish 

This e-book weaves together cutting-edge research and practices from the fields of theater and TESOL. After providing an overview of how drama can be used in the language classroom, Gillette (a TESOL expert) and McNish (an expert in actor training) present a collection of resources teachers need to begin using drama, including practical classroom-tested and evidence-based techniques. They show how:
  • theater games can build confidence.
  • performing (beyond role-plays) can develop a deeper context for speaking.
  • improvisation can create authentic opportunities for language use.
  • para- and extra-linguistic techniques can improve expression and meaningful communication.
  • activities like script analysis can be used in reading and writing classes (and to examine differences between spoken and written language).
  • drama-based activities can provide a platform for examining cultural norms and practices.
Each section includes sample activities for improving fluency and assessment suggestions.

No experience with performance or drama required to learn how to incorporate these practices into your ESL classroom!

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