Reader's Choice, 6th Edition

6th Edition
Sandra Silberstein, Barbara K. Dobson, and Mark A. Clarke
Teaching students complex reading strategies for everyday and academic reading


Companion website with quizzes and teaching materials can be found at umichigan.pressbooks.pub/readerschoice6/

In this new edition, Reader's Choice continues its legacy of teaching skills for academic success. The new edition of the classic textbook teaches readers that the most important skill is selecting the best reading strategies for solving everyday reading challenges. The exercises and readings in Reader's Choice help students become independent, efficient readers.

Reader’s Choice provides 9 units that teach progressively more complex reading strategies. These units are accompanied by skills-focused activities as well as full reading passages. Units include readings and materials from respected news sites, commonly used items like transit maps, excerpts from well-known literary works such as Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” and much more. Together, these readings provide engaging, real world examples that allow students to strengthen the reading skills vital to academic and career success.

In Reader’s Choice, 6th Edition, students will:

- Learn key critical reading skills for prose, charts, graphs, and data, such as analyzing context clues, using prefixes and suffixes, and more
- Develop contextual reading skills through real life scenarios and practice exercises  
- Engage with high-interest examples from popular news sources, contemporary literature, and scientific studies  
- Complete interactive online quizzes and exercises to supplement and measure student learning  

Reader’s Choice, 6th Edition is accompanied by a companion website featuring student resources and by a set of teaching materials supporting classroom use.

CEFR Levels: B1, B2, C1, C2

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