Covering Ground

Communal Water Management and the State in the Peruvian Highlands
David W. Guillet
Foreword by Robert C. Hunt
Studies the community allocation of a scarce resource


Covering Ground is a comparative study of irrigation systems in the Colca valley of Peru that seeks to explain the relations among household, community, and state. According to David W. Guillet, it seems apparent that these spheres depend upon one another for their existence. Since water management is essential in this semi-arid region, it is important to try to understand how it functions as well as to articulate the principles on which the relationships among the different levels operate.

Covering Ground is the first detailed ethnographic account of an Andean water management system. It will be of interest to students and scholars in several fields, including anthropology, history, archaeology, economics, and political science.

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  • 1992
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  • water management, Peru, Peruvian, South America, South American, irrigation systems, Colca valley, anthropology, Latin America, Latin American, natural resources, environment, nature, ethnic studies, economics, political science, Quechua, Arequipa, Cuzco, Coporaque, Surimana, maize