The Future of Digital Surveillance

Why Digital Monitoring Will Never Lose its Appeal in a World of Algorithm-Driven AI
Yong Jin Park

We are willing participants in our own surveillance


Are humans hard-wired to make good decisions about managing their privacy in an increasingly public world? Or are we helpless victims of surveillance through our use of invasive digital media? Exploring the chasm between the tyranny of surveillance and the ideal of privacy, this book traces the origins of personal data collection in digital technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) embedded in social network sites, search engines, mobile apps, the web, and email. The Future of Digital Surveillance argues against a technologically deterministic view—digital technologies by nature do not cause surveillance. Instead, the shaping of surveillance technologies is embedded in a complex set of individual psychology, institutional behaviors, and policy principles.

Yong Jin Park is Professor at Howard University.

Praise / Awards

  • "Yong Jin Park has produced a remarkably nuanced, balanced, and engaging analysis of the polarized debate about privacy in the digital age. This isn’t a rhetorical collection of anecdotes. It is thoughtfully crafted social science. Park’s explanation of how artificial intelligence and algorithms enter the mix make the book unique."
    —W. Russell Neuman, New York University

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  • 6 x 9.
  • 188pp.
  • 13 tables, 21 figures.
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