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In Focus: Strategies for Business Writers

Myra Shulman


In Focus: Strategies for Business Writers is a concise guide for effective business writing for native and nonnative speakers. It features real-world assignments on the resume and cover letter, memorandum, business letter, short report, the business plan, as well as promotional writing and PowerPoint presentations.

This textbook incorporates the process approach to writing and presents strategies for every aspect of the pre-writing process. The Focus Approach (Format-Organization-Content-Understanding-Style), a pre-writing technique, helps students analyze the writing task at hand and clarify the goals of their projects, while the Power Writing Process (Prepare-Outline-Write-Edit-Rewrite) allows students to complete the writing and revision process by dividing the writing activity into manageable steps. The textbook also provides business writers with sophisticated stylistic techniques and principles.

The companion site for this book can be accessed by clicking here.

Myra Shulman has published more than ten ESL textbooks and teaches at Georgetown University.

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