The Making of The University of Michigan 1817-1992

175th Anniversary Edition
Howard H. Peckham
Edited and updated by Margaret L. and Nicholas H. Steneck
A comprehensive history of one of the nation's most prominent universities


Within three decades of its refounding in Ann Arbor in 1837, the University of Michigan became the largest and arguably most progressive university in the United States. By century's end, its influence in higher education stretched from coast to coast- from Cornell to Stanford- and touched professional, graduate, and undergraduate education. At the end of the twentieth century, the University of Michigan continues to rank among the nation's leading universities, setting the standard for higher education in the twenty-first century.

Howard Peckham's history of the University of Michigan was published in 1967 to help celebrate the University's 150th anniversary. This new edition by Margaret and Nicholas Steneck continues Peckham's broad coverage of the University of Michigan through its 175th anniversary, covering the administrations of Robben Fleming, Harold Shapiro, and the beginning of the presidency of James Duderstadt.

The Stenecks have also reformatted and edited the earlier Peckham chapters to turn The Making of the University of Michigan into an accessible and engaging book to read or to browse, covering all aspects of campus life, from sports and students to the coming and going of faculty, administrators, and regents, with over seventy-five photos carefully integrated into the text.

Margaret and Nicholas Steneck are historians at the University of Michigan who currently teach a large and popular undergraduate lecture course on the history of the University of Michigan.

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Preface to the 175th Anniversary Edition - ix
Preface to the Sesquicentennial Edition - ix

1. Founding in Detroit - 1
2. Fulfillment in Ann Arbor - 17
3. The University Idea of President Tappan - 35
4. The Biggest in the Land - 59
5. Angell: The First Phase - 77
6. Angell: The Golden Years - 99
7. Hutchins and World War I - 127
8. The Burton Boom - 155
9. President Little Embattled - 177
10. Ruthven and the Depression - 193
11. The University at War - 225
12. Hatcher and the Challenges of the Cold War - 245
13. The 1960s: A Decade of Change - 267
14. Maintaining the Edge of Excellence - 289
15. Opportunity from Adversity - 325
16. Epilogue: Preparing for the Twenty-First Century - 357

Bibliographic Note - 363

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