Positive Political Theory II

Strategy and Structure
David Austen-Smith and Jeffrey S. Banks
The second volume of the encyclopedic work on individual preferences and collective behavior


Positive Political Theory II: Strategy and Structure is the second volume in Jeffrey Banks and David Austen-Smith's monumental study of the links between individual preferences and collective choice. The book focuses on representative systems, including both elections and legislative decision-making processes, clearly connecting individual preferences to collective outcomes. This book is not a survey. Rather,it is the coherent, cumulative result of the authors' brilliant efforts to indirectly connect preferences to collective choice through strategic behaviors such as agenda-selection and voting.

The book will be an invaluable reference and teaching tool for economists and political scientists, and an essential companion to any scholar interested in the latest theoretical advances in positive political theory.

David Austen-Smith is Earl Dean Howard Distinguished Professor of Political Economy and Professor of Political Science and Economics at Northwestern University.

The late Jeffrey S. Banks was Professor of Political Science at California Institute of Technology.

Praise / Awards

  • "Explores the connection between individuals' preferences within any society and the collective choices of that society, taking an indirect or game- theoretic approach to the aggregation of individual preferences."
    Journal of Economic Literature

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