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Academic Listening Strategies

A Guide to Understanding Lectures
Julia Salehzadeh


Academic Listening Strategies offers strategies for understanding lectures and additional listening practice for students who are currently enrolled in a college or university. The exercises in this text, together with the lectures and short talks on the accompanying DVDs, will provide students with many opportunities to practice effective listening strategies.

The DVDs include four entire lectures, as well as several lecture segments and shorter informal talks. Also included are short audio selections of academic speech from the Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English (MICASE). All selections demonstrate actual and authentic speech in university lectures. All in all, more than 4 hours of listening material is offered on the three DVDs.

The DVDs support the textbook Academic Listening Strategies (978-0-472-03096-5). The DVDs are also sold with the textbook: 978-0-472-03144-3.

DVD 1: Units 1-2 (15 clips, including one 34-minute lecture)

DVD 2: Unit 3 (4 clips, including two lectures longer than 20 minutes and one nearly 15 minutes long)

DVD 3: Additional Practice Unit (4 clips, including ond 50-minute lecture)

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