Combating Teen Smoking

Research and Policy Strategies
Peter D. Jacobson, Paula M. Lantz, Kenneth E. Warner, Jeffrey Wasserman, Harold A. Pollack, and Alexis K. Ahlstrom
A virtual how-to guide for reducing adolescent tobacco use


Every year, more than 400,000 Americans die prematurely because of tobacco use. Most began smoking during their teen years. Adolescent tobacco use remains our nation's most preventable threat to life and health. This public health crisis has generated widespread debate over how best to prevent young people from initiating smoking or using other tobacco products. Combating Teen Smoking is an invaluable guide for policymakers and communities on the front lines of this prevention effort.

Synthesizing recent research regarding the prevention and control of adolescent smoking, this book offers the reader a convenient compendium of what is known about adolescents and tobacco use; it also highlights areas where additional research is needed. Based on their assessment of the considerable amount of information presented, the authors recommend various ways to help slow—or even reverse—the recent rise in teenage smoking. A comprehensive antitobacco program might include, for example, antismoking media campaigns based on social marketing strategies, clean indoor air laws, and the increase of cigarette prices.

Combating Teen Smoking will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers concerned about the problem of adolescent tobacco use, including policymakers who are actively seeking ways to help reduce teen smoking.

Peter D. Jacobson is Associate Professor, University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Paula Lantz is Assistant Professor, University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Kenneth Warner is Richard D. Remington Collegiate Professor of Public Health and Director, University of Michigan Tobacco Research Network.

Jeffrey Wasserman is Consultant, the RAND Corporation and Senior Project Director, The MEDSTAT Group.

Harold Pollack is Assistant Professor, University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Alexis Ahlstrom is Research Associate, University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Praise / Awards

  • "Combating Teen Smoking is a comprehensive and accessible look at the causes and extent of youth smoking. Most importantly, the authors build a compelling case for why states should invest in comprehensive tobacco control efforts and why those efforts can help reduce teen smoking. Because the authors offer a series of specific recommendations, the book will be an invaluable guide to state policymakers and local communities. The book will be of interest to anyone concerned about reducing teen tobacco use and the ultimate tragic toll it takes on the health of America."
    —Cheryl Healton, President/CEO, American Legacy Foundation
  • "Combating Teen Smoking is a must read for anyone working on tobacco control at the state or local level. It's a thorough, comprehensive look at the best science on reducing youth smoking, a great primer on how to fight the tobacco industry."
    —Gregory N. Connolly, DMD, MPH
  • "It is the most up to date and . . . outstanding in in its well balanced views, readability, and clear organization."
    —Anne Charlton,, October 2001

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