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The Official MET Practice Test Book with Answers

Michigan Language Assessment


The Michigan English Test (MET) is a standardized international examination designed by Michigan Language Assessment and aimed at upper-beginner to advanced levels—A2 to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The test assesses general English language proficiency in educational, social, and workplace contexts.
The MET is intended for adults and adolescents at or above a secondary level of education who want to measure their general English language proficiency in a variety of linguistic contexts. The test results can be used for educational purposes, such as when finishing an English language course, or for employment purposes, like when applying for a job or pursuing a promotion that requires an English language qualification.
The Official MET Practice Test Book is the first book to provide actual practice tests for students preparing to take the MET.

The Official MET Practice Test Book with Answers, designed for self-study (, includes:
  • 4 complete practice tests (Listening, Reading and Grammar, Writing)
  • 4 sets of Speaking test prompts
  • tips for practicing the different sections of the tests
  • a progress tracking log for recording practice test scores
  • selected practice test vocabulary lists
  • answer keys
  • audio transcripts for the Listening section
  • Writing test responses with commentary for two of the tests
  • Examiner scripts for the Speaking test
  • actual test form instructions and a sample answer sheet

The audio for the Listening section can be accessed at
For more information about the MET, go to

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