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Michigan and the Great Lakes

One Mile Past Dangerous Curve

A Novel
Darrell Spencer


From the acclaimed author of Caution: Men in Trees and A Woman Packing a Pistol comes a tale of kinship, love, and lawlessness.

One Mile Past Dangerous Curve is the story of the Dancers—a family on the verge of collapse. Glen Dancer has come to Ohio to set up another in a series of Snapper franchises. But in the midst of construction, Glen finds himself fighting a painful and futile battle with cancer.

His son Eddie, recently divorced, moves from Las Vegas to help. A sign painter by trade, Eddie finds only intermittent work in town until the day a mysterious and wealthy businessman commissions a series of twenty road signs, each different, all featuring odd, cryptic messages. It is on a back-country road, where Eddie has gone to assemble one of the signs, that some previously vague threats become concrete.

Though Eddie doesn't know it, the neighboring woods hide a secret, a secret that a gun-toting rural gang wants to keep at any cost.

Darrell Spencer is Professor of English at Ohio University, where he teaches in the creative writing program. He is the author of four story collections, the last of which, Bring Your Legs with You, won the Drue Heinz Literature Prize.

Praise / Awards

  • "Darrell Spencer has been writing top flight, razor sharp fiction for years. Look in any of his stories and you will feel the cutting edge of what prose can do. Now here is One Mile Past Dangerous Curve and it is absolutely dire and dear, his best book, a novel about American life right now. Our families are rife with love and terror, and the whole world itself seems waiting for a sign. Darrell Spencer offers us —in Eddie's mission to Ohio—the sign painter. Reminiscent of Don DeLillo, this book is accurate, acerbic, and heartfelt at once. "
    —Ron Carlson, Arizona State University

  • "Our contemporary Sherwood Anderson, Darrell Spencer knows that every curve in today's heartland is dangerous, the miles before and after inhabited by those gone as dark in mind as the land is rich, the whole of it watched over by an evidently indifferent, even bad, God. This book aims to be about the best of us as it shows us at our least. Thank goodness for Darrell Spencer, the only writer in America to be trusted on the subjects of faith, love, weal and woe."
    —Lee K. Abbott

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  • 232 pages.
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  • Ebook
  • 2009
  • Available
  • 978-0-472-02148-2

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