Informing a Nation

The Newspaper Presidency of Thomas Jefferson
Mel Laracey
How a dynamic, controversially elected president used the media to promote his image and policies


During his presidency, Thomas Jefferson both sponsored and wrote for his own newspaper, the National Intelligencer and Washington Adviser. The newspaper spoke on behalf of his policies and those of his Republican, anti-federalist party, the Democratic-Republican Party, the precursor to today’s Democrats. Author Mel Laracey focuses on the newspaper’s message during Jefferson’s first term, showing how the third president used media to promote his administration and its goals against their political rivals, the Federalists. Informing a Nation shows how Jefferson and his allies dealt with political challenges, reveals hitherto unexamined aspects of the early presidency, and raises broad questions of the relationship between the presidency and media today.

Mel Laracey is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Praise / Awards

  • Informing a Nation presents an important and timely historical study of how Thomas Jefferson’s newspaper, the National Intelligencer and Washington Advertiser, influenced politics and policymaking throughout his presidency . . . With a thorough survey of the scholarly literature on the Jefferson presidency combined with careful analysis of primary newspaper sources from the period, Laracey makes an original and enduring scholarly contribution.”
    —Meena Bose, Hofstra University

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  • 2021
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