Normalizing Corruption

Failures of Accountability in Ukraine
Erik S. Herron


Accountability is a crucial feature of every successful democratic system, and the failure to develop functioning mechanisms of accountability has undermined democratic consolidation efforts worldwide. This book advances the idea that reliable tools to hold officials accountable are essential for democratic governance and that one of the key threats to accountability comes from corrupt practices, especially when they are integrated—or normalized—in the day-to-day activities of institutions. It evaluates the successes and failures of institutions, politicians, political parties, bureaucracies, and civil society by focusing on the experiences of contemporary Ukraine. While the book details the case of Ukraine, the topic is directly relevant for countries that have experienced democratic backsliding and those that are at risk.

Normalizing Corruption addresses several interconnected questions about the development of accountability in its chapters: Under what circumstances do incumbents lose elections? How well do party organizations encourage cohesive behavior? Is executive authority responsive to inquiries from public organizations and other government institutions? How can citizens influence government actions? Do civil servants conduct their duties as impartial professionals, or are they beholden to other interests? The research builds upon extensive fieldwork, data collection, and data analysis conducted since 1999.
Erik S. Herron is Eberly Distinguished Professor of Political Science at West Virginia University.

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  • Accountability; vertical accountability; horizontal accountability; diagonal accountability; corruption; Ukraine; elections; political parties; election administration; legislatures; roll call voting; requests; election fraud; oligarchs; e-declarations; Russia; Donbas; War in Donbas; Crimea; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Georgia; Volodymyr Zelenskyy; Petro Poroshenko