Citizenship in the American Republic

Brian L. Fife
Creating a more perfect union, one citizen at a time


While there are a number of survey textbooks in American politics, Citizenship in the American Republic is based on a fundamental premise that many have contended for the last century—a more informed, participatory citizenry is required for a more effective democratic republic. Fife provides a resource for young people, as well as older Americans, who can use the information provided to enhance their capacity to be good citizens in their own democratic system. He accentuates the knowledge that Americans need to be good citizens; as such, the book occupies a unique niche among textbooks in American politics. For those who need a fairly brief, yet concise guide to American politics, Citizenship in the American Republic is ideal. Fife carefully explains the material and how citizens can use the information to create a more effective democracy. Unlike other textbooks in American politics, the book includes two unique sections designed to emphasize the importance of effective citizenship in the United States: “The Importance of Citizenship in a Republic” and “Knowledge Matters.” In so doing, he has provided a text that not only includes concrete factual information about the many features of American politics, but promotes the fundamental premise that citizens are absolutely essential components of a more healthy and vibrant American democracy.

Brian L. Fife is Professor and Chair in the Department of Political Science at Lehigh University.

Praise / Awards

  • Citizenship in the American Republic provides the essential knowledge a citizen would need to participate effectively in the political system. It also encourages its readers to use this knowledge to be more active and effective participants in politics.”
    —Bill Hudson, Providence College

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  • 10 tables.
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