Thriving as a Graduate Writer

Principles, Strategies, and Habits for Effective Academic Writing
Rachael Cayley
Develop writing strategies that will support you throughout your academic career


Rachael Cayley's blog Explorations of Style continues the discussion on the challenges of academic writing. Visit it at explorationsofstyle.com.
Thriving as a Graduate Writer offers a comprehensive guide to the multifaceted challenges of writing in graduate school. It shows readers how to think about academic writing, how to manage an academic text, and how to establish an effective writing practice. Graduate students from all disciplines will find concrete strategies and motivation for the enterprise of academic writing. Intended for both multilingual writers and those for whom English is a first language, Thriving as a Graduate Writer offers essential writing support in quick, easily digestible chunks.

Readers of Thriving as a Graduate Writer will:

- Learn how to establish an effective writing practice
- ​Discover how to position themselves as competent and engaged writers
- Learn how to structure their writing, craft effective sentences, and create movement with a text
- Develop processes for draft revisions
- Create individual writing strategies that will last throughout their careers

Rachael Cayley is Associate Professor in the Graduate Cen​tre for Academic Communica​​tion at the University of Toronto. She also manages the blog explorationsofstyle.com

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