Genre Explained

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Genre-Based Instruction
Chris Tardy, Nigel Caplan & Ann Johns
Genre Explained presents accessible, research-grounded answers to 40 questions that teachers frequently have about genre-based writing instruction


The idea of teaching writing through genres — rather than, say, through prescriptive forms, templates, and rhetorical modes — is intuitively appealing. Yet many teachers have questions, and they are absolutely right to ask them: What are genres? What is genre-based instruction? What do students write if they don’t write essays? Isn’t it easier to teach and learn five-paragraph essays? What’s the role of language in genre teaching? And many more. These are all excellent questions and ones that new and experienced teachers alike have also struggled with. This book sets out to tackle some of the most common questions that teachers, teacher educators, and administrators may have when moving toward a genre-based teaching approach.  

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