Seeking the Heart of Teaching

Adrian Palmer and MaryAnn Christison


Seeking the Heart of Teaching explores the profession of teaching as an opportunity for personal growth and development. The book encourages teachers to examine what lies at the heart of their teaching through the process of connecting their personal and professional lives. The authors assert that this connection, when made by teachers, will greatly enhance the quality and longevity of their teaching careers.

Seeking the Heart of Teaching is a helpful guide for the constantly evolving process of teaching. The opportunities for structured reflection on professional and personal development that are presented will bring teachers closer to the heart of their own teaching and allow them to experience greater satisfaction and enjoyment in their teaching.

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  • reflection, goal-setting, education, pre-service teachers, experienced teachers, professional development, communication, personal growth, teacher change, self-evaluation, giving feedback, listening strategies, teaching specialties, values, affective schemata, internal communication, harmony, teacher attrition