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Clear Grammar 4, 2nd Edition

2nd Edition
Keith S. Folse, Deborah Mitchell, Barbara Smith-Palinkas, and Donna Tortorella


Clear Grammar 4 introduces advanced grammar. Clear Grammar 4, 2nd Ed., includes
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Word forms
  • Past perfect tense
  • Conditionals
  • Adverb clauses
  • Noun clauses
  • Reduction of adjective and adverb clauses (including appositives)
  • Past modals
  • Review of verb tenses

Clear Grammar 4 concludes with a review of this volume’s contents of advanced grammar points.

Clear Grammar is a four-level grammar series that features a unique combination of useful grammar information written in clear language with activities that promote more accurate and fluent writing, speaking, reading, and vocabulary usage. Important features of the new editions of Clear Grammar include:

  1. More user-friendly charts to accompany grammar explanations
  2. High-frequency, corpus-informed vocabulary related to each grammar point
  3. Grammar discovery tasks using students’ inductive learning skills
  4. A greater variety and more activities, including practice online (
  5. Many more activities at the longer discourse level
  6. The addition of reading practice at the end, plus a critical-reading task
  7. More writing practice, including one on editing student writing and another for original student writing
  8. Two vocabulary practice activities per unit, with one on collocations; plus many one-minute lessons showing the connection between grammar and vocabulary
  9. More speaking practice, with activities that require students to speak and listen to each other while using the target grammar
  10. Support for teachers in the form of indicators that reference how to teach the grammar points in the Clear Grammar series from Keys to Teaching Grammar for English Language Learners by Keith S. Folse (978-0-472-03220-4).

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