Handbook for International Management Research

Betty Jane Punnett and Oded Shenkar, Editors
Second Edition
A completely updated edition of the definitive guide for researchers in international management


Success in business today requires an understanding of the nature of globalization and its impact on managers. Now in a fully revised second edition, Handbook for International Management Research provides the definitive guide for researchers in international management. Part 1, the introduction, offers a useful context and overview for the book. Part 2, "Designing Effective Research," will help readers develop useful, rigorous, and theory-based research designs for international management research, including qualitative research and experimental methods. Part 3, "The Role of Culture in International Management Research," examines cultural distances and differences, as well as the idea of subjective culture. Part 4, "Topical Issues in International Management Research," explores areas such as cross-cultural management, international alliances, human resources, and negotiations research. The conclusion to the volume considers where and how the field should progress.

Betty Jane Punnett is Professor in General Management and International Business, Department of Management Studies, University of the West Indies.

Oded Shenkar is Ford Motor Company Designated Chair in Global Business Management, Department of Management and Human Resources, The Ohio State University.

Praise / Awards

  • "Betty Jane Punnett and Oded Shenkar, two of the top researchers in their field, have written an extremely valuable and well-organized reference book -- a must-read for students of international management as well as professionals in the field."
    --David Ricks, University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • "Why should anyone consider reading this book? Quite simply, it offers an even treatment of issues like globalization and all its managerial challenges. These stellar researchers take a compelling look at culture, alliances, IHRM, and M&A, and they also take to task the research methodology itself. It's about time someone did it! This concise and highly readable treatment of issues in International Management Research is a must-read for the serious IM scholar and has many implications for the global manager. In short, two thumbs up for Punnett and Shenkar!"
    --Mary Ann Von Glinow, Florida International University

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