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Goal-Driven Lesson Planning for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Marnie Reed and Christina Michaud
Michigan Teacher Training


This book is more than a collection of activities or ready-made lesson plans to add to a teaching repertoire. Instead, Goal-Driven Lesson Planning is intended to empower teachers and help them create a principled framework for their teaching—a framework that will shape the varied activities of the ESL classroom into a coherent teaching and learning partnership. After reading this book, teachers and prospective teachers will be able to articulate their individual teaching philosophies.

Goal-Driven Lesson Planning shows readers how to take any piece from English language materials—an assigned text, a random newspaper article, an ESL activity from a website, etc.—and use it to teach students something about language. Readers are walked through the process of reflecting on their role in diagnosing what that "something" is—what students really need—and planning how to get them there and how to know when they got there in a goal-driven principled manner.

This book has chapters on the theory of setting specific language goals for students; how to analyze learner needs (including an initial diagnostic and needs-analysis); templates to use when planning goal-driven English language lessons; explicit instruction on giving corrective feedback;  how to recognize and assess student progress; and the mechanics and logistics that facilitate the goal-driven language classroom.

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