Anthropometric Standards for the Assessment of Growth and Nutritional Status

1st Edition
A. Roberto Frisancho
Compiles the largest database of material on anthropometric standards from National Health Examination surveys


Designed for the physician, medical student, resident physician, or nutritionist interested in the physical growth and development of adults and children, this book presents in one volume the compilation of the largest database of material on anthropometric standards from the National Health Examination surveys. Because the information is presented in tabular and graphic form, medical investigators can easily compare and interpret their findings with the collection of normative values.

No other book is as inclusive, as soundly based, or as potentially useful to people interested in nutrition, cardiovascular disease, anthropometry, and epidemiology.

A. Roberto Frisancho is Thurnau Professor of Anthropology at University of Michigan.

Praise / Awards

  • ". . . a useful and long-needed stand-alone clinical manual for nutritional assessment."
    American Journal of Physical Anthropology

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  • 8-1/2 x 11.
  • 200pp.
  • 52 tables, 66 figures.
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  • Hardcover
  • 1990
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  • 978-0-472-10146-7

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