Queer Subjects in Modern Japanese Literature

Male Love, Intimacy, and Erotics, 1886–2014
Volume 96
Stephen D. Miller, Editor


Queer Subjects in Modern Japanese Literature: Male Love, Erotics, and Intimacy, 1886–2014 is an anthology of translated Japanese literature about men behaving lovingly, erotically, and intimately with other men. Covering more than 125 years of modern and contemporary Japanese history, this book aims to introduce a diverse array of authors to an English-speaking audience and provide further context for their works. While no anthology can comprehensively represent queer Japanese literature, these selections nonetheless expand our understanding of queerness in Japanese culture.
Stephen D. Miller is Associate Professor of Japanese at University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Praise / Awards

  • “In Queer Subjects, Stephen Miller has collected an impressive array of works that cross a wide range of historical periods, genres, and subject matters. The diverse translations offer English language readers the possibility to explore depictions of male same-sex desire and relationships in Japan over the last 130 years. The volume also provides a window into the social stigma with which queer folk have lived in the modern era.”
    —Michele M. Mason, University of Maryland

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