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Workbook for The ESL Writer's Handbook

Janine Carlock, Maeve Eberhardt, Jaime Horst, Lionel Menasche


This workbook accompanies The ESL Writer's Handbook by Janine Carlock, Maeve Eberhardt, Jaime Horst, and Lionel Menasche (ISBN: 978-0-472-03403-0).

The Workbook extends the topics covered in the Handbook to enable a teacher to use the books as the core texts in an advanced ESL writing or first-year undergraduate composition course. The Workbook provides 78 additional exercises to facilitate students' understanding of some of the most complex or troublesome writing areas discussed in the Handbook. An icon appears in the Handbook next to a heading or exercise to alert the teacher or student that extra exercises on this topic are available in the Workbook. The teacher may wish to assign Workbook exercises as homework or use them in class with the exercises in the Handbook.

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