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Theory and Practice

Bite-Sized Activities for Teaching Reading Skills
Aviva Katzenell
Provides theory-grounded activities and advice for adapting them to different reading levels


Theory and Practice: Bite-Sized Activities for Teaching Reading Skills is an easily digestible guide that links key reading skills theory to practical activities that can be adapted for different classrooms. It dives into the physiological process of reading, the link between sounds and symbols, reading accomplishments at different levels, and the skills required for reading fluency. In addition, Theory and Practice discusses Color Vowel methodology and how it aids students in acquiring automaticity through pattern recognition and associating sound with color. Chapters contain activities for pre-reading, interactive reading, and post-reading as well as how to adapt these activities for different learning levels. Examples of real student work, images, vocabulary logs, and annotations to accompany the activities provide clear examples for what teachers can expect as an outcome of each activity. Theory and Practice aims to provide practicing ESOL instructors, student teachers, and educators with the key theory and tools they need to help their classes boost L2 reading skills and cultural competency in English.
Aviva Katzenell is Academic Director of the Intensive English Institute at Florida Atlantic University. 

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