Curved Thought and Textual Wandering

Gertrude Stein's Postmodernism
Ellen E. Berry
Provides the first sustained reading of Gertrude Stein's novels from both feminist and postmodern perspectives


Praise / Awards

  • "Part of Berry's achievement is that she refuses to lock herself into two boxes: the first, a monolithic definition of postmodernism; the second, a rigid binary opposition between postmodernism and modernism. . . . She 'refocalizes' our vision of modern culture to visualize postmodern elements that were always there. Legitimately and convincingly, Berry presents Stein as the postmodern figure among the moderns, a position we were unable to imagine fully or to see clearly without postmodern critical categories."
    --Catharine R. Stimpson, Novel
  • ". . . an ambitious undertaking and one that [Berry] carries out admirably."
    --Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature

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  • 1992
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