Making Academic Presentations

What Every University Student Needs to Know
Robyn Brinks Lockwood
Encourages academic success by guiding students through the steps of an academic presentation


The ability to give a successful presentation in an academic setting is critical to success both on and off campus. Making Academic Presentations describes the five moves, or parts, of a typical presentation and provides examples of language that can be used to successfully accomplish these moves. Although language is vital to giving a good presentation, the book also addresses other factors that influence the success of a presentation, such as overcoming nervousness, nonverbal communication, and pronunciation and paralinguistics. 

The book includes a variety of tasks that will help students practice developing and analyzing presentations as well as practice projects for applying these lessons. In addition, rubrics and evaluation forms are included for instructors to adapt and use for evaluation purposes.
Robyn Brinks Lockwood is a Lecturer at Stanford University. Her other books include Office Hours: What Every University Student Needs to Know and Leading Academic Discussions: What Every University Student Needs to Know

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  • 152 pages.
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  • November 2023
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