The Play of Fictions

Studies in Ovid's Metamorphoses Book 2
A. M. Keith
A lucid analysis of the characterization of Ovidian narrative


Praise / Awards

  • "The Play of Fictions admirably and readably achieves its missions--several of which I have longed to see attempted. Its focus on a relatively short section avoids dangerous generalities. It profitably combines our old friend Philology with our new friend Narratology (perhaps they have been sisters all along). It bases its discussion of etymologizing word games on solid ancient evidence. It presents us with an approach which could be a useful model for analysis of other parts of the poem. And most importantly, it restores our enjoyment of a previously slighted section of the Metamorphoses."
    --American Journal of Philology
  • "[Keith] is to be congratulated on having rendered good service to Ovid and his admirers in this engaging and instructive monograph."
    --Echos du Monde Classique/Classical Views
  • ". . . offers American classicists an excellent practical demonstration of the techniques of narratology, applied to the most opportune work of narrative art . . . ."
    --William S. Anderson, New England Classical Newsletter & Journal

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