For Whose Protection?

Reproductive Hazards and Exclusionary Policies in the United States and Britain
Sally J. Kenney
Probes the complex issues that underlie policies regarding women's reproduction and the workplace


Praise / Awards

  • ". . . a welcome addition to the discussion and debate that needs to take place about these issues."
    Women's Review of Books
  • "This book extends the study of women's legislation to new policies which differ radically in both degree and kind from the laws that feminist scholars studied a generation ago. Its combination of feminist theory and comparative law provides a model for future researchers. The book displays an impressive grasp of feminist scholarship, comparative politics, and jurisprudence. No scholar in any of these fields can afford to ignore this study."
    Law and Politics Book Review
  • ". . . a fine example of the use of feminist scholarship to critique the development of sex discrimination law and policy. Moreover, readers will find that the book challenges us to think about how we might develop "a feminist re-vision of equality."
    American Political Science Review

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Review Law and Politics Book Review | 10/1/1993

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