The Politics of Women's Education

Perspectives from Asia, Africa, and Latin America
Jill Ker Conway and Susan C. Bourque, Editors
Third World women and men discuss efforts to improve the position of women through education


The Politics of Women's Education: Perspectives from Asia, Africa, and Latin America reveals the complex changes in women's education throughout the world. Although women have made remarkable progress, their educational equity remains illusive and politically contested. This volume offer the first comprehensive assessment of what has been attempted, what remains to be done, and what are the options for reform.

The book presents the authentic voice of third world women and men, relating their efforts to improve the position of women through education. It raises important questions for readers from both high- and low-income countriesabout whether formal or non- formal education will best serve women's needs; whether state or private initiatives are more likely to succeed in raising women's status through the delivery of transforming knowledge; and whether Western dreams of modernization have any relevance to non-Western societies.

Countries covered include India, Pakistan, Korea, the Philippines, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Peru, and Brazil. Each author locates women's education in the larger national context, thus unraveling the matrix that links gender and education to race, ethnicity, social class, and political change.

The story is told directly, by women and men passionately committed to improvement through education. The book's immediacy will appeal to academic and general readers alike, and it will be a stimulus to thought and action forcitizens who wonder what's wr ong with the schools in their neighborhood.

Jill Ker Conway is Visiting Scholar in the Program of Science, Technology and Society, MIT.

Susan C. Bourque is Professor of Government, Smith College.

Praise / Awards

  • ". . . provides many insights into the lives, aspirations, achievements, and frustrations of women in Asia, Africa, and Latin America as they wrestle with issues of education and social change."
    Journal of Asian Studies

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