Women and Comedy

Rewriting the British Theatrical Tradition
Susan Carlson
Explores the history and nature of women in British dramatic comedy


Praise / Awards

  • ". . . an important contribution to the revision of dramatic history."
    Theatre Research International
  • ". . . stands out as an impressive synthesis of two major threads in feminist study of drama and theatre: both a scholarly study of the (male) comic tradition, and a thoroughly informed, clear and well-argued analysis of women's creative strategies for challenging or subverting tradition in the creation of more liberating forms of theatre, comedy, and cultural expression."
    The Drama Review
  • "Carlson does much to raise our awareness of, and to shed light on, the kinds of conventional codes that constrain women and which, far too often, have been rendered either invisible or merely benign in other studies of the genre."
    Eighteenth Century: A Current Bibliography

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  • 400pp.
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  • 1991
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  • 978-0-472-10187-0

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