Paul Wellstone

The Life of a Passionate Progressive
Bill Lofy
The inspirational story of the life and political career of one of the most compelling figures in the history of modern American politics


Bill Lofy's fast-paced and readable biography tells the inspirational story of one of the most compelling figures in the history of American politics—Senator Paul Wellstone.

Yet Lofy's book is more than just the chronicle of Wellstone's life and political career; it's also an indispensable guide to what ails political life today. Readers politically inclined or not will find in its pages a handbook to the uncertain and often treacherous business of politics and a stirring example for living a courageous and honest life—whether as public servant or private individual.

Bill Lofy is Communications Director of Wellstone Action, the organization created to carry on Paul and Sheila Wellstone's legacy after their death. Lofy was also a friend and confidante of the senator. This is his first book.

Praise / Awards

  • “Paul Wellstone, we miss you. Few politicians, especially these days, are as willing to stand up and speak the truth as Wellstone was. In this era of flaccid rhetoric and pre-approved sound bytes, he had the rare ability to ignite a fire in his audiences. Bill Lofy’s excellent biography rekindles that fire and reminds us just how much politicians of Wellstone’s honesty, character, and spine are needed - now more than ever. This book should inspire a new generation of voters and political leaders alike.”
    —Arianna Huffington, Columnist and Editor of the
  • "Paul Wellstone was a great leader because he fused progressive idealism with a stubbornly pragmatic politics. Bill Lofy's book captures that dual commitment in his story of Wellstone's life, and also shows us the extraordinary human appeal that Wellstone emanated in his relationships with people in all walks of life. This book is an engaging read that also tells us alot about the political practice to which we should aspire."
    —Francis Fox Piven
  • "This vividly written book captures the life and personal qualities of the late Senator Paul Wellstone. In so doing it provides an illuminating gloss on Max Weber's seminal exposition of the political vocation. It is a jewel of a book."
    —Fred Greenstein, Princeton University
  • "Can progressive values and political effectiveness go together? Paul Wellstone proved they can and this lovely book reminds us why."
    —Peter Edelman, Georgetown University
  • “This book captures the vibrant spirit of my friend Paul Wellstone – the fierce commitment to justice that defined his life, and that shapes his enduring legacy.”
    —U.S. Senator Russ Feingold
  • ". . . an engaging and fast-paced account of the life and service of former Senator Paul Wellstone. . . . Useful for studying campaigns, interest-group behavior, or institutional norms, Paul Wellstone would be an enlightening, informative, and inspiring read for all students of American politics."
    Legislative Studies Section Newsletter, American Political Science Association

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