Analytical and Negotiating Issues in the Global Trading System

Alan Deardorff and Robert M. Stern, Editors
Addresses the main issues and problems of the global trading system


This title was formally part of the Studies in International Trade Policy Series, now called Studies in International Economics.

In this volume a group of distinguished international trade economists address the principal issues in the global trading system in an explicitly analytical manner.

The issues covered include: multilateral trade negotiations and preferential arrangements (Alan V. Deardorff and Robert M. Stern); rent sharing in the Multi-Fibre Arrangement (Kala Krishna and Ling Hui Tan); reforming the European Community's Common Agricultural Policy (Thomas W. Hertel, Mark Gehlhar, and Robert A. McDougall); GATT articles and arrangements (J. Michael Finger and Sumana Dhar); trade and related effects of anti-dumping investigations (Robert W. Staiger and Frank A. Wolak) and subsidies and countervailing duties (Michael P. Leidy); safeguard actions (Wolfgang Mayer); GATT dispute settlement and cooperation (Marie Thursby and Dan Kovenock); trade-related intellectual property rights (Keith E. Maskus and Denise Eby Konan); investment measures (John Mutti) and services (Bernard M. Hoekman); and the challenges to the GATT system posed by policies designed to promote fair trade, reciprocity, and harmonization (Jagdish Bhagwati).

This book contains the commissioned papers and comments for a conference held at the University of Michigan in late October 1991. It can be looked upon as a sequel to the volume, The Mulilateral Trading System: Analysis and Options for Change, which was edited by Robert M. Stern and published in 1993 by the University of Michigan Press.

Praise / Awards

  • ". . . makes a valuable contribution to international trade policy and will appeal to faculty and graduate students."
    International Trade Journal
  • ". . . a useful and stimulating collection of work, with something for everyone interested in trade policy."
    World Economy

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1. Introduction and Overview by Alan V. Deardorff and Robert M. Stern     1

Part 1: Trade Barriers and Sectoral Liberalization

2. Multilateral Trade Negotiations and Preferential Trading Arrangements by Alan V. Deardorff and Robert M. Stern     27

Ronald W. Jones
Gary R. Saxonhouse

3. On the Importance and Extent of Rent Sharing in the Multi-Fibre Arrangement: Evidence from U.S.-Hong Kong Trade in Apparel by Kala Krishna and Ling Hui Tan     95

T.N. Srinivasan
James A. Levinsohn

4. Reforming the European Community's Common Agricultural Policy: Who Stands to Gain? by Thomas W. Hertel, Mark Gehlar, and Robert A. McDougall     139

Drusilla K. Brown
Stephen W. Salant

Part II. The GATT System

5. Do Rules Control Power? GATT Articles and Arrangements in the Uruguay Round by J. Michael Finger and Sumana Dhar     195

J. David Richardson
Matthew D. Shapiro

6. The Trade Effects of Antidumping Investigations: Theory and Evidence by Robert W. Staiger and Frank A. Wolak     231

7. Quid Pro Quo Restraint and Spurious Injury: Subsidies and the Prospect of CDVs by Michael P. Leidy     263

Robert E. Baldwin
Dan O'Brien

8. Optimal Pursuit of Safeguard Actions Over Time by Wolfgang Mayer     315

Anne O. Krueger

9. GATT, Dispute Settlement, and Cooperation by Dan Kovenock and Marie Thursby     361

Rodney Ludema
John G. Cross

Part III. New Issues

10. Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights: Issue and Exploratory Results by Keith E. Maskus and Denise Eby Konan     401

Dani Rodrik
Richard C. Porter

11. TRIMS, Policy Change, and the Role of the GATT by John Mutti     455

Gene M. Grossman
Joel Slemrod

12. Conceptual and Political Economy Issues in Liberalizing International Transactions in Services by Bernard M. Hoekman     501

James R. Melvin

Part IV. Future of the GATT System

13. Fair Trade, Reciprocity and Harmonization: The New Challenge to the Theory and Policy of Free Trade by Jagdish Bhagwati     547

John H. Jackson

Conference Participants     611
Author Index     615
Subject Index     621

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