Wife and Widow in Medieval England

Sue Sheridan Walker, Editor
Examines the role of women in medieval law and society


Praise / Awards

  • "What makes Wife and Widow exceptional is the emphasis it lends to problems of legal and social change in the later Middle Ages. . . . The detail, along with the spirit of collaboration displayed by the [contributors], make Wife and Widow a truly engaging and distinguished book."
    —Elaine Clark, University of Michigan, Dearborn
  • "This collection of essays by a distinguished group of legal and social historians is dedicated to the memory of Michael M. Sheehan, a pioneer in the use of canon law and ecclesiastical court records to examine the social history of medieval marriage. Fr. Sheehan would have been particularly pleased by the signs of collegiality, scholarly cross-fertilization, and editorial care evident in each essay's frequent references to other works within the volume; this practice is one more collections of essays would do well to emulate."
    American Journal of Legal History
  • ". . . each contribution provides important food for thought and grist for the continuing debate on the role of women in history."
  • "Wife and Widow in Medieval England give intriguing insights into the circumstances facing wives but more especially widows in medieval England. . . . [T]hey raise thought-provoking issues."
    H-Net Reviews
  • ". . . will be enlightening to anyone interested in women in medieval England or in English legal history."
    Journal of British Studies
  • "Women's legal rights affected many more lives than just that of the widow. A woman's success or failure in defending her dower rights affected the very future of her family. By examining the experience of women with the law, the volume has opened a window on the experiences of medieval society as a whole."

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