The Phratries of Attica

S. D. Lambert
Presents the innovative view that the classical Greek "phratry" system reflected democratic government rather than aristocratic.


The Phratries of Attica provides the first comprehensive account in English of a key institution in ancient Athens: the Attic phratries. These hereditary groups of citizens, linked to one locale or more in Attica, played a crucial role in regulating access to Athenian citizenship. The author concentrates on the evidence, much of it epigraphical, for the period 450-250 B.C.E., but he also considers the role of the phratry in the reforms of Cleisthenes and examines the institution's origins and its probable demise in the second century B.C.E.

S. D. Lambert has recently studied at the British School in Athens.

Praise / Awards

  • "S. D. Lambert has provided a comprehensive treatment of this institution (the first in English). . . . There is much in this book that is controversial, but it is a fundamental study that will be essential reading for all those interested in ancient society."
    --American Historical Review
  • ". . . recommended to all scholars and serious students of Greek history. . . ."

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