Narrative, Authority, and Law

Robin L. West
Challenges the moral basis for the authority of law


Praise / Awards

  • ". . . innovative, provocative, and hence, important. . . . It is must reading for anyone concerned with legal criticism and should also be of interest to students of political theory, especially those interested in politics and literature."
  • "Robin West is one of our most creative legal thinkers. . . she shows us new ways to see. Her new book collects into a single volume nine essays published in the recent past—over more or less a decade. . . . [C]onsequently, one is invited to reflect on the brilliance of West's performance over this last decade of our lives so as to assimilate the lessons she has taught us."
    Michigan Law Review

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  • Hardcover
  • 1994
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  • 978-0-472-10365-2

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