Changing Patterns in State Legislative Careers

Gary F. Moncrief and Joel A. Thompson, Editors
Shows how changes in state legislatures affect individual legislators


State legislatures have changed more than perhaps any other American political institution in the last two decades, argue Gary F. Moncrief and Joel A. Thompson. This volume examines those changes and explores their impact on the individual legislator.

The editors have assembled a group of leading state legislative scholars, who address changes in the composition of the legislature; entry and exit issues; campaign financing; elections; midsession vacancies; committee systems; and legislative leadership.

Changing Patterns in State Legislative Careers covers a timely topic, given the recent movement in a number of states to limit legislative terms. It will be of interest to those who study legislative behavior, American political institutions, organizational change, and elections.

Contributors: William Pound, Joel A. Thompson, Gary F. Moncrief, Charles S. Bullock III, Patricia Freeman, William Lyons, Harvey J. Tucker, Ronald E. Weber, David Breaux, Malcolm Jewell, Anthony Gierzynski, Keith Hamm, David M. Olson, Ronald Hedlund, Peverill Squire

Praise / Awards

  • "This collection of work by 15 political scientists is a fine example of contemporary research on state legislatures. . . . These studies are solid and direct, a model of their kind. They serve to test our beliefs about legislative life, confirming some of these beliefs, qualifying others, and offering a few that we may not have considered very much at all."
    American Political Science Review
  • "A superb contribution to the literature on state government, well written and well argued."
  • ". . . an excellent addition to growing literature on the 'supply side' of politics."
    Journal of Politics

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Introduction     1

Part 1 Changing Patterns: The Legislators     5

1. State Legislative Careers: Twenty-Five Years of Reform
William Pound     9

2. Nativity, Mobility, and State Legislators
Joel A. Thompson and Gary F. Moncrief     23

3. Minorities in State Legislatures
Charles S. Bullock III     39

4. Female Legislators: Is There a New Type of Woman in Office?
Patricia Freeman and William Lyons     59

Part 2 Changing Patterns in the Electoral Connection     71

5. Electoral Change in U.S. States: Systems Versus Constituency Competition
Harvey J. Tucker and Ronald E. Weber     75

6. Winning Big: The Incumbency Advantage in State Legislative Races
David Breaux and Malcolm Jewell     87

7. Legislative Caucus and Leadership Campaign Committees
Anthony Gierzynski and Malcolm Jewell     107

8. Midsession Vacancies: Why Do State Legislators Exit and How Are They Replaced?
Keith Hamm and David M. Olson     127

Part 3 Careers inside the Legislature     147

9. Accommodating Member Requests in Committee Assignments: Individual-Level Explanations
Ronald Hedlund     149

10. Changing State Legislative Leadership Careers
Peverill Squire     175

11. The Evolution of the State Legislature: Institutional Change and Legislative Careers
Joel A. Thompson and Gary F. Moncrief     195

Appendix. A Note on Term Limits and State Legislatures     207

References     211

Contributors     229

Index     231

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