The Rebel's Dilemma

Mark Irving Lichbach
The author brings significant new insights to the study of dissent, rebellion, and revolution


Since the mid 1960s, theorists have elaborated over two dozen different solutions to the collection action problem. During much of this same period, students of conflict have explored many questions about protest and rebellion. The Rebel's Dilemma examines what happens when one brings the full richness of collective action theories to bear on the many complex problems of collective dissent.

Mark Irving Lichbach is Professor of Government and Politics, University of Maryland.

Praise / Awards

  • ". . . a significant contribution to the understanding of collective behavior, protest, and rebellion."
  • "The book is interesting and thought-provoking, and its insights extend beyond the narrow subject of rebellion to help illuminate many issues related to organizing groups to undertake collective action."
    Public Choice
  • ". . . a tour de force of the collective action research agenda with regards to the study of dissent, rebellion, and revolution. His book is monumental and pivotal. . . . [It] consolidates over three decades of research on collective action problems and sets the agenda for future studies of collective dissent and rebellion. . . . The Rebel's Dilemma is an invaluable work. Lichbach brings together various strands of CA research in a comprehensive effort to show what has been accomplished in the field and then defines a convincing research agenda for the future. . . . [This] book is a major step forward. It will have an enormous impact in the field of conflict studies and belongs on the shelf of anyone even casually interested in dissent, rebellion, and revolution. . . . Ultimately, the truest measure of value of a scholarly work is the degree to which it stimulates the reader's own intellectual development. The Rebel's Dilemma has provided me with more food for thought than any book I have encountered in recent years. I anxiously await Lichbach's companion volume, The Cooperator's Dilemma."
    —Anthony J. Gill, American Political Science Review
  • "For scholars interested in game-theoretic analyses of politics . . . essential reading."
    —Manus I. Midlarsky, Journal of Politics
  • "Lichbach has to be praised for providing valuable insight on the logic of collective dissent. . . ."
    Political Studies
  • Winner: American Political Science Association (APSA) 1998 Conflict Processes Section Award for Best Book on Conflict and Peace Studies

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