The Hall of Mirrors

Drafts & Fragments and the End of Ezra Pound's Cantos
Peter Stoicheff
An examination of a problematic text by one of America's most important poets


Praise / Awards

  • "Lucidly written and wonderfully sensitive to the lyrical dynamics of the Cantos, Stoicheff's work is also distinguished by its judicious use of contemporary theory and perspectives (chiefly new historicist). . . . This important and excellent title (the only book-length study of its subject) belongs in every college library."
  • "Drafts & Fragments, and Stoicheff's reading of it, stand as important examples in the redefinition of authorship as a social process that cannot produce monolithic authorities, but this idea of authorship should still account for the problem of how to negotiate the terms of authorship within this broader system. The Hall of Mirrors makes an important contribution to Pound scholarship, by delivering one of the few sustained accounts of Drafts & Fragments' publication history, and by articulating a detailed argument against the limited horizons of interpretation for this volume as a successful or failed attempt to produce a paradisal closure. Stoicheff's argument leads up to a necessary redefinition of authorship and poetic authority as a consequence of his revaluation of Pound's final authorial status . . . ."
    --TEXT: An Interdisciplinary Annual of Textual Studies 10

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