Standing Your Ground

Territorial Disputes and International Conflict
Paul K. Huth
Explains why governments have initiated, escalated, and settled territorial disputes with neighboring states since the end of World War II


Through an examination of 129 territorial disputes between 1950 and 1990, Paul Huth presents a new theoretical approach for analyzing the foreign policy behavior of states, one that integrates insights from traditional realist as well as domestic political approaches to the study of foreign policy. Huth's approach is premised on the belief that powerful explanations of security policy must be built on the recognition that foreign policy leaders are domestic politicians who are very attentive to the domestic implications of foreign policy actions. Hypotheses derived from this new modified realist mode are then empirically tested by a combination of statistical and case study analysis.

Paul Huth is Associate Professor of Political Science and Associate Research Scientist, Center for Political Studies, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan.

Praise / Awards

  • ". . . a welcome contribution to our understanding of how and why some territorial disputes escalate to war. . . . [A]n essential book for graduate courses and a challenging but rewarding book for advanced undergraduates."
    American Political Science Review
  • "Standing Your Ground contributes significant insights to a growing body of investigation that systematically studies the process by which diplomatic disputes may spawn international war. . . . Standing Your Ground is essential reading in conjunction with other recent quantitative studies of international disputes and war. . . . It also contributes to continuing debate between theories of international relations regarding the relative importance of domestic and international determinants of foreign policy behavior."
    Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
  • ". . . the definitive work on territorial conflict."
    Journal of Peace Research

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