Chaos Theory in the Social Sciences

Foundations and Applications
L. Douglas Kiel and Euel Elliott, Editors
Applications of chaos theory in political science, economics, and sociology


Chaos Theory in the Social Sciences: Foundations and Applications offers the most recent thinking in applying the chaos paradigm to the social sciences. The book explores the methodological techniques—and their difficulties—for determining whether chaotic processes may in fact exist in a particular instance and examines implications of chaos theory when applied specifically to political science, economics, and sociology. The contributors to the book show that no single technique can be used to diagnose and describe all chaotic processes and identify the strengths and limitations of a variety of approaches.

The essays in this volume consider the application of chaos theory to such diverse phenomena as public opinion, the behavior of states in the international arena, the development of rational economic expectations, and long waves.

Contributors include Brian J. L. Berry, Thad Brown, Kenyon B. DeGreene, Dimitrios Dendrinos, Euel Elliott, David Harvey, L. Ted Jaditz, Douglas Kiel, Heja Kim, Michael McBurnett, Michael Reed, Diana Richards, J. Barkley Rosser, Jr., and Alvin M. Saperstein.

L. Douglas Kiel and Euel W. Elliott are both Associate Professors of Government, Politics, and Political Economy, University of Texas at Dallas.

Praise / Awards

  • "Each article in the volume makes a significant contribution to current discussions regarding chaos theory specifically, and to nonlinearity and complexity more generally. I recommend it to everyone interested in these issues."
    —Courtney Brown, American Political Science Review

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Part 1: Chaotic Dynamics in Social Science Data

Part 2: Chaos Theory and Political Science

Part 3: Chaos Theory and Economics

Part 4: Implications for Social Systems Management and Social Science

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