Political Analysis

An Annual Volume of the Methodology Section of the American Political Science Association, Vol. 6
Volume 6
John R. Freeman, Editor
A new volume in the annual that addresses all areas of political methodology


Political Analysis is an annual publication sponsored by the methodology section of the American Political Science Association. Now in its sixth year, the annual publishes scholarly articles on topics related to all areas of political science methodology, broadly defined. Methodology includes research design, measurement and measurement theory, estimation, statistical inference, simulation, mathematical modeling, and other topics. This volume joins its predecessors as a publication of great value in disseminating new methodological research.

John R. Freeman is Professor of Political Science, University of Minnesota.

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  • Nuisance vs. Substance: Specifying and Estimating Time-Series-Cross-Section Models, Nathaniel Beck and Jonathan Katz
  • A Dynamic Model of Campaign Spending in Congressional Elections, Janet Box and Tse-min Lin
  • Predictions of the Bush-Clinton-Perot Presidential Race from the Press, David P. Fan
  • Estimating Vote persistence Sources without Panel Data, Ron Shachar and Michal Shamir
  • Empirically Discriminating between Chaotic and Stochastic Time Series, John T. Williams and Robert Huckfeldt
  • Implicit Assumptions Underlying the Generalized Event Count Estimator, Christopher H. Achen
  • On Difference Equations, Probability Models, and the "Generalized Event Count" Distribution: Foundations and Interpretations, Timothy W. Amato
  • Some Remarks on the "Generalized Event Count" Distribution, John Londregan
  • The Generalization in the "Generalized Event Count" Model, with Comments on Achen, Amato, and Londregan, Gary King and Curtis S. Signorino

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