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College Knowledge

101 Tips
David Schoem
Practical advice on every aspect of campus life for students headed off to college


College Knowledge is the perfect guide for studentsheading off to college with high expectations for learning, academic success, personal growth, and independence. Through lively tips and compelling student stories about life at college, it offers thoughtful, practical information for every student who wants to make a successful transition from high school to college. College Knowledge covers academics and classroom tips, faculty and the college learning environment, extra-curricularactivities, diversity, personal and social growth, and the basics of dealing with family, finances, health, and safety.

Based on research on higher education and the author's twenty-five years of professional experience as a professor, dean, and vice-president focusing on the life of first-year college students, the book brings the best advice and wisdom on making the first year of collegean exhilarating and successful adventure.

David Schoem is Faculty Director, Michigan Community Scholars Program, University of Michigan.

Praise / Awards

  • "What a find for any college student! In no one other place can you find information with this much depth about the all-important transition between high school and college. Regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, beliefs, background, and college destination, every college student should have a copy of this book to read and reference. This book should be given out at every college orientation . . . [and] should be required summer reading."
    —Erica Greenstein, former Schoem student, MBA student, Georgetown University

  • "Anyone about to enter college, or anyone with a child or grandchild about to enter college, or any college administrator concerned with improving the experience of their students ought to read Schoem's new book. First you will enjoy it. Second it will pay dividends both for new college students, for your children's or grandchildren's college experience and for future generations of college students if our academic leaders heed his advice and wisdom."
    —Harold Shapiro, former President, Princeton University

  • "Academic and social integration are two of the most significant factors associated with student success in college. David Schoem translates the best research and practices into suggestions that students can use as a toolkit for their social and emotional growth. His comprehensive coverage of topics and real world experiences can reach students from varied backgrounds. The call to students to assertively become members of a scholarly community may be the most significant theme in the book. Dr. Schoem can write from an authentic student perspective because he has always been a committed advocate for them."
    —Dr. James A. Anderson, Vice President and Associate Provost, Texas A&M University

  • "Professor Schoem's insights and encouragement helped me to create many of my most satisfying and lasting experiences during college. This book captures his infectious enthusiasm and will inspire readers to take risks in exploring all that college has to offer."
    —Miriam Vogel, former Schoem student

  • "College Knowledge is a deceptively straightforward guide appropriate for any student entering higher education. On the surface, the '101 Tips' are a to-do list for making the most of the college years and the vast resources available on most campuses. At a much deeper level, however, College Knowledge helps students develop habits of engagement in intellectual inquiry and critical thinking not only for college, but also as life-long learners and productive, contributing adults. Schoem's themes of appropriate risk-taking, crossing artificial boundaries, understanding of self and others, cultivating curiosity, and development of adult life skills not only help students to maximize their undergraduate years, but also to build and sustain a high quality of life for themselves and their communities in the 'real' world. As both a parent and an educator, I highly recommend this sage, yet easy-to-digest guide as a must for the college-bound young adult."
    —Pamela Horne, Director of Admissions, Michigan State University

  • "Schoem's practical tips spring from his wisdom... This book speaks not only to prospective and first-year college students but also to us, their families."
    —Stephen H. Sumida, Professor, University of Washington

  • "Each year, thousands of students arrive new to college with great excitement and trepidation. The sound advice in this book will help ease the transition to college for students—it comes directly from those have who survived the experience and have thrived."
    —Sylvia Hurtado, Director of the Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA

  • "...[Schoem] has written a book that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of its readers."
    —Jeffrey Lehman, President, Cornell University

  • "David Schoem's book is a much needed resource for students and faculty alike. It is a handbook for student success for everyone."
    —Judith Patton, Director, University Studies, Portland State University

  • "College Knowledge is full of wise, straight-to-the-point guidance for success both in and out of the classroom. Every first-year student should read—and heed—David Schoem's advice. Though written for students, parents of first-year students can learn from it, too!"
    —Beverly Daniel Tatum, President, Spelman College

  • "Professor Schoem has a breadth of knowledge on the intricacies of University life that is unparalleled."
    —Jeff Nelson, former Schoem student, Teach for America, Chicago

  • "Schoem's College Knowledge provides an important framework that will give you a significant jump start on the college experience. Preparing for college by understanding what to expect when you get there just makes sense."
    —Richard Shaw, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid, Yale University

  • "College Knowledge for the Jewish Student is the perfect guide for students heading off to college with high expectations for learning, academic success, personal growth, and independence. Through lively tips and compelling student stories about college life, it offers thoughtful, practical information for every Jewish student who wants to make a successful transition."
    Detroit Jewish News

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