Perspectives on Fluency

Heidi Riggenbach


This user-friendly book is intended for ESL/EFL teachers who wish to better understand discourse analysis as it applies to the language classroom and who need to design courses and materials with the goal of developing their intermediate to advanced students' skills as researchers in acquiring their new language. The book includes:

  • An overview of discourse analysis and its relevance to language teachers and learners;
  • Background material on the interesting features pertaining to oral language skills;
  • Presentation of techniques for preparing students to be researchers and for implementing discourse analysis tools in the classroom and the activities that employ these techniques; and
  • A discussion of options for incorporating discourse analysis into different course situations.

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  • fluency, defining fluency, second language pedagogy, English language teaching, applied linguistics, second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, accuracy versus fluency, intonation, cultural fluency, automaticity, aphasia, classroom activities, discourse analysis, formulaic expressions, chunking, language assessment, oral proficiency, performance, repair, speech processing, cognition, turn taking, vocabulary and fluency